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Royale Race Cars – The Heritage

Royale Racing has been designing, manufacturing and supporting race cars since 1968. Although production ceased in 1987, Royale’s final tally consisted of 48 distinct models spread over 11 classes and totaling 735 race cars manufactured in a 20 year period of time.

The record book shows that every type of race car which Royale ever produced has been a race winner, and over 80% have been championship winners. Royale has won most of it’s recognition and honors in FF1600, becoming National British, European, and Constructors Champions, not including a whole host of club championships at home and abroad. The outstanding success the company has seen throughout the history carries to present day through the various vintage, amateur, and historic races globally.

Note: A comprehensive guide and historical outline of Royale’s history has been published by Paul Lawerence and TFM Publishing in a book titled: ‘Nowhere to Hide, The Story of Royale Race Cars’ The book thoroughly covers Royale between the years of 1968 till 1987

Royale Racing, LLC – The Continuation

Purchased Royale Racing in 2008 from Andy Greene – Sports & Vintage Race Cars.  Constantly working to build an online, self sustaining Royale brand and presence globally as well as maintaining the marque and all it represents.  Although no new race cars have been produced since 1987, at Royale we do not rule out the possibility in the future. In the meantime, Royale Racing, LLC supports, maintains, and restores Royale race cars currently running as well as in various states of repair.  To this end, Royale Racing can provide original blueprints, key design points, custom components and castings, original body pieces, as well as historical records required by owners to support their Royale Race Cars.

While Royale Racing continues to participate in vintage racing throughout the North East, 2016 saw a rejuvenation of Royale as a premier service provider.  Royale partnered with Clover Leaf Auto (a British Marque specialist) and moved much of the day-to-day operations to assist with ever growing Royale footprint.  Joshua joined the Royale rank & file truly making this a family owned business which now not only included supporting Royale Race Cars but expanding into: Race Car Rentals, Race Engine Building, Race Gear & Equipment.  In 2018, Royale Racing, LLC has created the subsidiary Royale Race Tires.

As we grow, one thing remains, I stand behind the Royale brand 100% and bringing my fellow race enthusiast quality of service both on the track and off   For more details please visit  Strategic Section of the Royale Racing, LLC website to learn more about our key strategic partnership


Meet the Team

Christopher Shoemaker

Christopher Shoemaker

Racing all my life in one way or another, but officially on the books vintage racing since 1998 on the east coast!  Purchased Royale Racing in 2008 from Andy Greene – Sports & Vintage Race Cars.  Constantly working to build an online, self sustaining Royale brand and presence globally and maintain the marque as well...
Joshua Shoemaker

Joshua Shoemaker

Operations Manager
Has grown up on the race track watching his father race since he was 2 years old. Throughout the years has picked up the spirit of vintage racing and decided to follow into his father’s footsteps and pursue the exciting world on racing. In 2016, at the age of 19, took the racing school and...