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Key Order Notes:

  • If you need assistance please use the Contact Us form and a tire specialist will contact you directly to discuss.
  • All ‘Pre-Orders’ for @Track delivery, placed within 10 business days from the event will be assessed a Deposit as well as Shipping & Handling fees.
  • ONLY Hoosier tires DO NOT require a deposit for @Track orders within the specified time frame

What’s Next

Once you complete the form, an email will be sent to us for processing the order and an acknowledgement email will be sent to you as confirmation. If you chose:

@Track –  Royale Race Tires will have your tires on hand at the event specified and reserved.

ShipTo – Royale Race Tires will send you an invoice for final processing.

If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to reach out and chat …. See you at the Races!

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