@Track Services, & Fees

premier tire services @track for the northeast region

**  PA State Tax along with a Credit Card Surcharge may apply depending on location, services, payment types, etc….

MOUNT & BALANCE ..... $45

mount and balance fee is per tire; includes dismounting old tires and the mounting and balancing (wheel weights included) of a new tire on the rim.

$10 discount per tire is applied to all pre-ordered tires.

Cleaning ..... $10

a fee is attached for cleaning wheels/rims that are brought for mount & balancing services if in bad condition; you will be notified at intake if this is the case and offered a chance to wipe them down before servicing

Min Service Fee ..... $20

while we do our best to ensure we meet customer @track needs; there are always emergencies and other issues that creep up at the track that require immediate attention.  to this end if we stop to assist on a specific tire issue a min fee is attached

Tube Tires ..... $10

tube tires require special care when dismounting and mounting on a wheel; also when trying to optimize for balancing.  as such an additional fee is attached when dealing with these type of tires; does not include the cost of tube (if needed)

Tire Cart / Air / Air Tank ..... FREE

royale race tires provides a tire cart, air chuck, and air tanks for our customer use; so please don’t put your tires in your car just stop by and grab the cart.  need air for your tires?  a chuck is always available and if you cannot drive up; grab the air tank.  don’t forget to bring them back for the next guy