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4/2018 — Creation of Royale Race Tires (royaleracingllc)

With Bob Woodman Tires retiring from @track tire sales/services, Royale Racing is delighted to announce the formation of a new subsidiary; Royale Race Tires (RRT). Royale Race Tires will be an authorized Hoosier dealer and track-side service shop. In 2018, Royale Race Tires will support the sponsored Hoosier series; Royale Formula Ford Challenge Series (RFFCS) as well as VeeRG, a new FV vintage series in the NorthEast. RRT will also cover Vintage Racer Group (VRG) and Vintage Driver Club of America (VDCA) at select events.


Official Hoosier Press Release


5/2018 — Welcome to 2019!!    (royaleracingllc)
2018 was a total success, so much so that Royale Race Tires has increased its support capacity as well as dealer network.  RRT can now support two separate events and has stock capability with our new location:

3124 Wampum Road
Wampum, PA. 16157

Royale Race Tires is also proud to announce for 2019, the expansion of our dealer network;  GoodYear Racing, Hancook Performance, and a TireRack wholesale agreement which allows RRT to support all brands of DOT performance tires. Royale Race Tires will continue to support:  Formula Ford Challenge Series / VeeRG Challenge Series.  In addition to these Hoosier supported series, Royale Race Tires has added the following:  EMRA, PittRace Lowkey Autocross, STC Solo, and American Endurance Racing.  Please check out our SCHEDULE of events for more information.


CONTINUE to check back often for more information going forward!!


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